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Ferragudo beaches!

As the inside information goes around, Ferragudo, a small fishing village dated from the 16th century just opposite the city of Portimão, should become one of Algarve’s new Hot Spots in the very near future!. Sea gulls
We will guide you in a walk along the nicest beaches Ferragudo.....



Like the name "Large Beach", already indicates, this beach consist of a long stretch of sand staring at the pier in the south which keeps the Atlantic waves away. This is one of the best beaches for practising wind surf on the whole Algarve. Equipment you can either rent or buy here. Also are present several well visited Restaurants and Bars. Staring directly behind the life boat house (Salva Vidas) at "Praia da Angrinha" (2) where the fishermen have their little cabins to store their equipment, we walk along the beach towards the south, after a while we get a nice view on the castle “Castelo de São João de Arade”, which unfortunately is not open for the public.

Continue walking along the whole Praia Grande beach (the sand is usually very soft), then climb over the rocks to get on the pier. .Beach map




This small beach lies on both sides of the long pier (molhe), which goes cross over direction Portimão in the Arade river where is is met by the break water pier on the other side. The pier is a popular spot for fishermen to try their luck. Follow the road away from the beach, turn right at the first opportunity and you will encounter the sheltered cove beach “Praia da Pintadinho”. Here also the water is still relatively calm and there is a good fish restaurant directly on the beach. Who does not want to go back the same way they came, you can climb the rocks next to the light house until you get at the light house “Ponta do Altar”.




Tis point “Ponta do Altar” is the most south-westerly point of the coast at Ferragudo and is guarded by the inhabited light house (Farol). From here you will have good views over the pier towards Portimão. From here you can climb the rocks and continue in easterly direction, where you every now and then will probably see a red arrow pointing in the opposite direction, it is nice to look down on the beaches from up here. Under the small vegetation you can find tiny snails (caracois), which are a delicacy in the region. By road you will find yourself entering a small valley, just after passing a new built villa complex, ending up the the beach road to “Praia dos Carneiros”.




At this beach you will find the famous golden sand stone rock formations with their small arches at the base, for which the Algarve is well known. At low tide you can walk around the cliffs to another small beach called “ Sun & seaPraia dos Torrados”. On the beach is a highly recommended restaurant “Rei das Praias”, which was rebuilt and moved just a few years ago, because the former spot was in danger of on falling rocks.
The road from Praia dos Carneiros back to  Ferragudo is about 3,5 km. You will pass just before the camp site two more recommended restaurants “Le Paradis” and “Gosto” pass again the cross road to the beach at the pier.


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